Sunday, January 21

Ya Ya

Here's a note from YaYa's foster mom, detailing YaYa's first days in FBRN's care. "We made a road trip to D.C. to the Washington Animal Rescue League
(WARL) on Friday to pick up a puppy mill survivor named Snorkel, now
known as Ya Ya, which is the Greek term for Grandmother. She is a wonderful
old gal that has lived through hell and still has the capacity to love human

She was on her way to a local flea market in Georgia to be auctioned along with many other retired breeders from the same mill, when a good citizen with ShARE was able to convince the women to turn the dogs over to her. Some were in such bad shape that they had to be euthanized.

Ya Ya was one of the lucky ones, she was able to survive. The shelter had put her
age at 7, but my vet and I think she is more like 10-12. She does have a slight breathing issue that is probably a palate issue.

She had about 6 teeth removed, some just hanging by a thread. Her ears were so packed with what can only be described as black tar, that my vet could not see her ear canal. She also has a mammary tumor. Other than that, she is a Grande ole
Dame, full of love and appreciation, and still has a enough zip in her to take a few laps around the den with my 9 month old puppy. I have never seen a dog sleep so deep, as if she hasn't slept in years. She can finally curl up in a warm donut bed next to her new foster siblings and feel safe, and warm, and loved."

A dog's ability to love people, even after the worst kinds of neglect and abuse, never ceases to amaze us, sighs
The Frog Princess

PS: Ya Ya's foster mom wanted us to know that Ya Ya's mammary tumor was removed last week. Good news! The tumor was encapsulated, and all the margins are clear! Here's Ya Ya, 3 days post-surgery, looking just as fine as frog's hair!

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Anonymous said...

YaYa is a beauty & I know that she is being well cared for now. I hope that she gets the best forever home. All dogs need love, but the seniors need it even more so, especially when they have met so many challenges in in life so far.