Friday, January 26

Bones Bites!

Yes, he did. Well, once, anyway--we don't mean to say it's a habitual thing. Broke the skin, but no stitches. Still. Baaaaad Bones. He was playing with a ten year-old girl and somehow his chompers wound up chomping what no good chompers should ever chomp--a person's person! We don't know what the circumstances of the nip were, or whether the dog and the child were playing nicely or not. But the very next day Bones came to us to be rehabilitated and rehomed. He's in the rarified air of the Rockies right now, being fostered near Denver.

Bones is a burly young bulldog. He's a bit beefy. He's a bulky boy. He'll be in boot camp for both his behavior and his avoir dupois. In foster care, he's shown no signs of being anything like bad to the bone; he's just a little jealous of other dogs. If you'd like to sponsor Bonesyou can do so on his foster page by clicking on the bone to the left of his story.

Doesn't everydoggy deserve a second chance? asks
The Frog Princess

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