Wednesday, January 24

Hank is Home!

Hank, the young Frenchie snatched from the jaws of death as he played chicken with the traffic of a busy Knoxville, TN, highway, is now safe and sound in a small town in Georgia, enjoying the company of a Frenchie brother named Louis and a delighted mom and dad. They know all about the various ailments that Frenchie flesh is heir to: elongated palates and allergies, for instance, and they will be working with Hank on his "I'm a little tug, tug, TUGBOAT!", approach to leash walking.
Hank's new dad works from home, so there'll always be someone around to entice into a game of fetch or to referee a Frenchie wrasslin' match. There aren't any kids for Hank to bowl over in an excess of enthusiasm, and no kitties for him to spread on toast and enjoy with a lite beer at teatime.

And, very importantly, there's a nice high solid FENCE to help keep a footloose young frog with an undeveloped sense of his own mortality off the roads and out of the way of traffic!

We want to hear only good news from your new folks about your behavior, Hank! Please be sweet, pleads
The Frog Princess


Unknown said...

Yay Hank!

anita said...

ok hank.. now that youre all settled in.. tell shoeless joe how nice and comfy you are.. so he will not want to wander any more :)