Sunday, January 7


Uno was an FBRN Outpost placement a few years ago. Now, family circumstances have conspired to bring him back to rescue.

He's a goofy boy, all floppy ear and grin, and he seems to have very few temperamental twitches.

Uno's name was Bruno, but since we have had a Bruno or two come through FBRN, and record keeping gets hairy when we have to try to keep track of two or more dogs with the same name, we abbreviated his moniker to Uno. At 32 or more pounds, he's not just "the One" he is "The Big One!"

He crossed the nation's border to go and live in the Canadian urban scene of Toronto, where we hope he will learn to wear a toque and speak a second language while he is being fostered. Maybe just learn to read the street signs.

His housetraining is coming along apace, and his earnest good-nature has won him fans in two countries. He's very energetic and eager to please, he loves to hear you call his name and he gets along very well with other dogs, especially ze ladies, hong, hong, hong! (Maurice Chevalier laugh and eyebrow wiggles, there)

He's a boy who can turn a rainy afternoon into an opportunity for pleasant gnawing on a nylabone in the company of a friend. He's a very charming, companionable sort of fellow, and one who could be happy in any milieu: quiet or chaotic, single person or family, apartment or palace.

He should be ready to be posted as available any day now--if you think you can offer this happy boy a happy home, submit an application and see what happens.

Good luck! exclaims
The Frog Princess

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