Saturday, January 27

Joey's Post-Party Depression

Joey One Eye has made the move from Texas to Oregon. He celebrated his first New Year in the foggy, rainy, fugly Northwest in a way we cannot recommend, being ourselves a great believer in the adage: Moderation in All Things. We'll let J.O.E's mom tell the sad tale, and we hope that naughty little greedyguts all over the land will hearken to it. Hearken, we say, and LEARN!

"It was a long day for Joey One Eye yesterday. We planned a holiday “Happy Hour” for some friends and clients at 5pm. Nothing fancy, just some cheese and bread and nuts and drinks (signature cocktail – the fresh whiskey sour. Delicious.) Around 4pm I had everything laid out on the dining room table all ready to go. The cheese platter was what I thought was a safe distance from the edge of the table, chairs all removed. Kevin took Patti out back for a quick pee, and I was in the kitchen. In the time it took him to go out and dash back in (maybe a half a minute), Joey got up on his back legs, pulled down and essentially swallowed whole a hunk of triple cream brie that was close to a half pound. Oh dear. Just a smear of white around his lips and a very satisfied look on his face. We called the vet (it was A LOT of cheese) and they advised us that it would be best to get him to get rid of it quickly as there was some chance of it causing pancreatitis, and that in any event he would feel really bad for several days if we didn’t. They said to get 1 T of hydrogen peroxide in him for every 10 pounds of weight and that he should then throw it all back up within ten minutes and be fine. They underestimated Joey One Eye. He really wanted that cheese and he wasn’t going to give it up all that easily. One hour, three rounds of peroxide and several phone calls to the vet later, the guests started arriving and he was still hanging on. We were BEGGING him at this point. He eventually did cooperate, and he spent a couple hours on a dog bed in the bathroom (with frequent check ups from concerned friends and neighbors). At about 7 o’clock he felt well enough to join the party. The last guests left about 10pm. Joey slept hard.

This morning he was VERY interested in breakfast, but as soon as he finished, the fatigue crept in. He couldn’t stay awake, even to read the paper, poor little bug. A cheese hangover. The worst.

Lesson learned. No food is safe from the wandering eye of Joey. I will be more vigilant in the future!!!!"

Joey! Joey! You have wonderful taste in French cheeses, but next time, don't forget the crackers! cries
The Frog Princess


anita said...

omgosh!! reminds me of my kids.. no stone(or cheese block) unturned or uneaten..glad he is resting this morning.. the news can wait. lol

Anonymous said...

I just asked him if he learned his lesson and he said he'd steal that cheese again in a New York Minute. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, my beloved Joey, but FOCUSED.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember the hydrogen peroxide trick. Mine LOVES to get into people food too! Glad to hear Joey is on the mind.

Anonymous said...

When Moby was new, he reached up on the counter and nabbed a chicken carcass that we were going to make into soup. (It was an easy reach because he's a mastiff.) He just stood there with the bird in his jaws while the other boys and girls gazed upon him with true awe and envy. Boy, he held on, despite our prying and pleading. He was very polite about it, but he wasn't going to give up such a prize easily. Closing his nostrils was the only thing that worked. We learned our lesson and the dogs ultimately all benefited, as the chicken became a fine doggie stew.

little pitcher said...

Aw Joey, cheese hangovers are the WORST. So glad it's behind you now.
Hang in there you sweet texas boy!