Thursday, January 18

Lucy Lou, Olympian?

Let us take a moment to remind you of the immense distance our daring Lucy Lou has travelled since she joined us a few short months ago.

Surrendered to us after a surgery to repair an injured spine, her busy family had not had the time and experience required to really focus on her recovery. As a result, though the surgery was a success, Lucy Lou's recovery was limited.
When she came to us, the front part of her body was very strong, while her back end was shriveled and atrophied. As you can see, her back legs were almost fused together, and Lucy used them as a sort of peg leg to hop from.

Lucy has been undergoing consistent rehabilitation. She gets water therapy, and it really seems to help!

After a few months in foster care with a vet tech and with expert advice from some wonderful specialist vets, Lucy Lou is now able to use her legs independently, to bend her legs and even to jump up on the couch! She negotiates stairs, she runs with the big dogs, and she seems not to be aware of any disability.

Here she is, ready to play!

Isn't it heartwarming to see what commitment and expert care can do for a wee toad, gushes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What wonderful progress. Dogs, unlike humans, do not dwell on what they can't do & just keep plugging away trying hard to accomplish what they can.

anita said...

downright amazing is what it is!! thanks to her foster family.. you are really awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over Lucy's video! The girl moves so fast, the digital camera can't keep up with her! YOU GO, GIRL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lucy! Admiration and gratitude to her dedicated foster parents.