Thursday, January 4

Miss Mouse Has a Spa Day

When a Frenchie comes into FBRN, she comes into a network of built-in aunties and uncles, interested friends she's never met and family members who may not be blood, but are nonetheless related by a kinship of love and concern

Such is the case with Miss Mouse, a fortunate and tiny FBRN grad who occasionally spends the weekend with one of our volunteers while her mum and dad are away. On this particular visit, Miss Mouse enjoyed a spa day, including the use of the resident Frenchie's lovely terrycloth robe!

When this photo appeared on the FBRN volunteers' listserv, a chorus, a tide, a cacophony of voices swelled up to ask where on earth the robe pictured here came from! Where could we find one just like it? How could such an item of fabulous fashion and fundamental function have evaded our purchase? Itchy fingers longed to fling charge card numbers at the screen and to ensure the immediate FedEx'ing of a similar accoutrement. Where? Who? How?

We had no answers, alas. Those who would like to find a robe like this for their own wee sybarite must launch a websearch and hope for the goodwill of a Google god. Or break out the sewing machine and hope the home economics class lectures of 30 years ago are retrievable from the dim recesses of memory! Meanwhile, Miss Mouse lounged in her yummy warm robe, enjoyed a pedicure and a massage and an ear-cleaning and rested with little cucumber circles on her eyelids while the cozy fragrance of aroma-therapy candles and the creamy strains of Madeleine Peyroux's latest album filled the air.

Mmmm, in our imagination we can just catch a whiff of eucalyptus and tangerine and lavender and grapefruit and gardenia and sandalwood, sniffs
The Frog Princess

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