Sunday, January 28

Martin in the Field of Dreams

Say hello to our foster Martin! He came to us with some health problems that we are well on the way to resolving. He'd had some surgeries which seemed to be either unsuccessful or badly performed, so he had to be seen by a specialist. He'd had a prolapsed rectum, poor boy, and the problems were exacerbated by diarrhea.

Martin is just 15 months old. He was purchased to be a stud dog. He might still have been in his first home, but combined with his health issues, Martin also developed some problems getting along with the 5 other dogs in his home. We are hoping that his neutering and a chance to feel more healthy will make him less aggressive toward other dogs, but at this point, Martin is destined to be strictly a singleton pupper in his new home. It's a shame, because Martin is the kind of Frenchie that inspires people to want two or three, he's that charismatic and good-looking!

Martin is wonderful with people and is a very affectionate, bouncy boy! His foster mom says he knows what he's got coming to him in terms of attention, and he'll boing around and around until someone picks him up--he's the Superball of Frogs.
Or possibly, he's just a wee bit loopy. No, no! We prefer to ascribe his pep and vim to mere youthful exuberance and a certain effervescent zippiness.

Here's Martin, making sure the cellar is free of cellar-dwelling spooky things. See how brave and intent he is? Why, Marines and mother lions could learn a thing or two from Martin.

Martin we see you in our field of dreamy-dreams, so handsome and so brave and loyal! We wish you well in your search for happiness and home. Indeed, no one could wish more for you than
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Hey Martin,

Any Frenchie who is brave enough to protect humans from the scary cellar is number one in my book. Plus imgaine if you find someone down there to play, that's even better!!