Thursday, January 4

Pippin Pauses

Here's Pippin, a new foster who came in with several other dogs this past December. She was surrendered following an unpleasant incident with a child visitor. Naughty Pippin.
She's spending some time in a child-free home, being fostered with a Frenchie sibling in Oregon. At just about a year old, Pippin has some growing up to do, and we believe that she can learn to play nicely with others and to reinvent herself as a very good girl who is very good all the time, rather than her current incarnation as the infamous little girl "who had a little curl." If she can't bring herself to Pollyanna-tivity, perhaps we can find her a home where her beautiful wickedness will be appreciated.

This photo was taken while Pippin was just wrapping up a yawn. It's completely unfair to capture her in a vulnerable moment like this, looking not-so-sweet, but if she were a big celebrity, the paparazzi who snapped this shot would be raking in the dough! It amused us, and we thought we'd share it with you. Power does tend to corrupt, you know. The Frog Princess is not above amusing herself at the expense of others. This is an ugly truth about ourselves.

If you'd like to sponsor young Pippin while she undergoes some therapy and training, you can click on the bone on her foster roster page.

(She's not nearly as naughty as she looks!) whispers
The Frog Princess

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