Friday, January 19

Cora Cuddles Up

Remember Cora? Yesterday she celebrated her second birthday.
She's the pied girl looking at you. She was the most emotionally damaged of the NC10 we took in in October 2005. She's still not quite...right, but she's miles and miles above where she started.

Cora gets along much better with dogs than with people. In fact, she really depends on the dogs in her home to give her comfort, security and peace of mind. She can almost always be found snuggled right up against one or the other of the dogs in her house, and sometimes she cuddles so tightly, she'll squish somebody clean out of the bed!

"There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, 'Roll over! Roll over!' And they all rolled over, and one fell out. There were 9 in the bed and the little one said..." sings
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Cora is doing well. I wondered how life had turned out for her and looks as if everything is going beautifully.