Thursday, January 4

Why Hank Was Cranky

Hank is being fostered in Georgia. You may remember this guy, the one a Good Samaritan found playing catch-me-if-you-can in the busy streets of Knoxville? He's under review at the moment, soon to be placed with a family if all goes well.He's a goooood-lookin' hunk of animal, and he's got a wonderful disposition, to boot.

So when his foster mom noticed over the weekend that Hank's ordinarily cheery and upbeat personality had taken a downward turn, and he'd become a little crabby, a bit taciturn, somewhat standoffish and altogether unlike himself, she didn't just assume he was having a bad day. She took him to the vet.And it's a good thing she did, too! Poor Hank had a couple of infected ears, and the infection was there without any visible signs: no redness or fluid or temperature. All his excellent foster mom had to go on was a shift in Hank's behavior and personality.

So there's a tip for you. If your Mr. Hyde starts behaving like Dr. Jekyll, zippy yourself and your best pal right off to the nearest veterinarian for a little visit. Could be that bad mood is caused by inflammation, swelling, pain or infection!

Learning something new each and every day,
The Frog Princess

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