Monday, January 22


Sadie has really come into her own since she was plucked up and out of a South Florida kill shelter last month. At first, she was too frightened to do much more than squeak when the other dogs in her foster home commenced barking at the things that go bump in the night in the neck of the woods where nocturnal visitors of a scaly kind are not uncommon. Now Sadie is singing out loud, singing out strong with all the other fearless Frenchies!

In an email last month, her foster mom had this to say about this gentle, darling girl:
" She is going to make someone a lovely sociable, loving, and soft, and beautiful brown eyes. Such a lovely little girl."
Sadie is on our available pages. If you think you could offer a weary retired breeder a comfortable place to spend her golden years, check out her biography and see if you think you'd be a good fit.

Frenchies of a certain age need love, too! reminds
The Frog Princess

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