Saturday, January 13

Summer in Winter

In the dead of winter, a foster home in South Dakota is enjoying a little Summer--a puppy mill refugee with a disputed history and a sweet and beautiful face.

Reportedly, Summer's last litter of puppies was stillborn, and she was taken to the vet for euthanizing. A vet tech asked if he could have her for his sister, and it was the sister who surrendered her to FBRN. Summer has some serious skin problems, which are being addressed right now with medicated baths, but we hope to get her to a vet and find out the cause of the sores this week.

Here is part of a note from her foster mom, detailing Summer's first night in her new home:

"Before I gave her a medicated shampoo, I snapped some pictures.
At first I couldn't figure out why the scabs were so yellow and unusual looking. Once some of them soaked off it became obvious it was straw.

Anyway, once I started massaging in the shampoo and then rinsing with warm water she was practically purring. She did very well during the whole grooming session.

I cleaned a bunch of yuck out of her ears and you can see a lot more pink now, but they are inflamed. She really pushed into me and closed her eyes while I was cleaning her ears. It must have felt good to get all of that out of there.

I trimmed her toenails too and she was just fine with it. There wasn't a thing I did that caused her to do anything but to just do it. No fighting me, nothing.

During the bath I could see how widespread the skin problem is. I'm hoping the medicated baths will help and that's it's nothing too serious. She's so playful and such a clown. She's coming out of her shell very fast.She's no taller than my little five month old pup, but she is definitely heavier. She's not a big girl, but she's solid, with a little pixie face. Just adorable. She's in heaven running around outside with Boo. Without Boo, she stands and stares at you with terror and won't go into the yard. With Boo, she'll run around, explore and even potty.

Anyway, here is little miss Summer. She is ALL sweetness."

We are so happy to be able to bring Summer into FBRN! We know there is a family with the patience and the love to bring this frightened, funny girl around to realize that she is safe and loved. If you'd like to sponsor her, you can go to her foster page and click on the bone.

Helping Summer will make you feel all warm and sunny inside! says
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

oh, Summer! you are bee-YOU-dee-full!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little girl, so brave. Our new boy has only one remaining ear (the other was so badly damaged the vet took the insides out and sewed the hole shut before we adopted him) but the other ear is well enough and clean enough now so he can at last hear his name when we call him! All the best to little Summer.....

Anonymous said...

Summer, I wish you weren't across the country in South Dakota. I would adopt you in a heartbeat. Your sweet and sadly terrified little spirit shines through your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Heaven sent is Boo for Summer.