Tuesday, August 22

Ollie Update

Here's that ladykiller Oliver, who made conquests all over the City of Brotherly Love while he was in foster care. He's living quite a lovely life in Georgia now, going to work with his dad in his dad's treehouse office, strutting around the decking and threatening to keelhaul any Barbary bluejay or squirrel buccaneers who might make the mistake of trying to commandeer his vessel in the air. Oliver relies on dead reckoning to guide his ship through the green and waving seas below the proud and slicing prow.
His Frenchie sister Stella ably assists him in his duties as a swashbuckling aerie pirate, now that he has taught her how to climb up onto their own little fo'c'sle and sail through the trees into dark, uncharted regions while their Captain dad busies himself with maps and sextants and other work related to the purchase of stuffies and limes and hardtack and rum for his crew.
The old Frenchie, Frankie, even gets in the game, delivering a black spot to Oliver once or twice a day and then hobbling back to the house for another nap in front of the air conditioner.
The neighbors are frequently treated to strains of "15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest" and "What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" as well as other shanties as Ollie and Stella perform their various shiply tasks. "Garrr, lads, the sailing life is a hard life," says Oliver, "but my life, my lover, my lady--is the sea."

We are always gratified to receive updates on our fosters' lives and we encourage adopters to share their photos and news with their dogs' foster moms, who will pass them along to
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Oliver is a pirate! That explains a good deal.