Friday, August 25

LaRue Meets a Lady

LaRue has come a long way since his first day with FBRN. From his life in a breeding operation he was sold to a family, where he was confused and insecure. His coping skills were overmatched by the active young children in the home, and his family decided it would be best if he could be rehabilitated as a pet before being placed again. Though LaRue came to us as a refusenik of family life, he has since learned a great deal about how to manage his fears of the world outside a cage, he is gaining socialization skills with both people and other dogs, and he's learning about toys. His foster mom sent us a note to go with some pictures of LaRue and her granddaughter playing together, as evidence of his growing confidence and recovery.
"My daughter came in from Japan for a visit and I was anxious to see how Rue would do. They came in around 4pm and I just let him get used to new people in the house. The next morning I had my granddaughter sit on the floor while I got him out. He brought his favorite ball to her and put it in her lap. She played with him for about a half hour and they had a blast. I guess he likes kids."
We would like to point out that even The Frog Princess, a paragon of Emily Postality when it comes to interpersonal dealings, does not enjoy the company of every person, adult or child, we meet. It may be too much to expect that LaRue will like every child or person, but we think it is very clear that LaRue likes this child, and we hope that he'll have the opportunity to meet many more playful children and kind adults in his life. If you'd like to sponsor M. LaRue as he continues down the path to proper pet deportment, please visit his page and introduce yourself. You can tell him you have a mutual friend in
The Frog Princess

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