Monday, August 28

Pixie's Progress

Here is that adorable, innocent, tiny wee girl snatched from the jaws of death at a Texas shelter. Given only 72 hours to be claimed or killed, she was slated for euthanasia when she found herself plucked up and her future redirected.

A visit to the vet revealed her age to be between 5 and 8. Her teeth are worn, broken and decayed to the point that they can't be used to more accurately pinpoint her age. She has cataracts and her eyes don't produce tears consistently, so she has received medicine for that.

Pixie has an awful case of sarcoptic mange, and she's been given medicine and is having Malaseb baths to soothe her patchy, red and itchy skin. She's also suffering from a respiratory infection, and she's taking an antibiotic to clear up her coughing and wheezing.
But with all that is challenging her immune system, Miss P. is nonetheless a tenacious, persistent and unsinkable little devil-dog. She will not be contained by mere man-made barriers. Oh, no. If there's a cushy bed at stake, she's going to get to it! Here's a note from her foster mom describing her experience with this diminutive but determined Frenchie:

"She may be a little gal but she is full of spunk!! I put her in the laundry room the first two days and on day two she chewed the trim off the door, so on Tuesday I crated her in a metal crate--the kind you see at dog shows that can be folded up? She ate her way out of the crate!!!! She literally bent the metal with the few teeth she has left! So that brings me to last night. I gave her the entire laundry room and the hallway with a metal pressure baby gate at the end of the hall.
When I woke up this morning she had chewed the gate until the pressure points came off the wall and she swung it up, ran under it, and made herself a comfy bed in the living room
She has mastered the trick of how to get out of everything and she is only 14.7lb. She is 9" tall and 14" long. She may look innocent but she is an energetic little
thing :)"

We have a feeling that Miss Pixie has had enough of a life in containment. We think she is ready to start living life on her own terms, and about time, too! We tip our crown to the foster mom and family of this wild dog who is reducing their home to toothpicks and scrap metal. They take Pixie's escape artisanry in stride and the attendant destruction without complaint. What a high caliber of volunteers we have in FBRN. Watch the website and blog for further notes about Pixie's progress, and if you are moved to do so, you can join Pixie's supporters in donating towards the costs of her veterinary treatment. You might even, possibly, choose to fund the replacement of a certain mangled wire crate! suggests
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh wee wild one, mere mortals can contain neither your spirit nor your body. We are wishing you every good thing and the perfect lid for the mischevious pot that is you, Miss Pix!

Anonymous said...

Luck to the foster family & get well wishes to Pixie. We just love that girl & it's nice to know she has so much spunk. You go girl.