Wednesday, August 30

Hudson Takes a Lesson

Here's a wonderful update on Hudson, formerly known as Lucky. She was surrendered to us at just 14 weeks in NYC. Her owner quickly realized he did not have the time to devote to a very busy Frenchie puppy, so he turned her over to us. She was purchased from a pet store, and came to us very thin, with mange, and though very charming, with a number of socialization issues her foster home worked hard to ameliorate. As you see, she's still accustomed to going her own way, but the following report gives evidence of a much improved girl. We are touched by the story of nervous Hudson approaching the too-enthusiastic trainer. What a good girl! Hudson lives with her Frenchie sister, Piper, in New York State.

"Hudson graduated basic obedience a few weeks ago. In case anyone out there needs a smile, we thought we would send a photo of her in her graduation cap! And as you can all see from her "class photo" she was not voted most out going in her class!

She did really well! It was a positive reinforcemnent program--no leash corrections--and she responded really well. And the fact that it was a nice small class helped too I think. She is doing EXCELLENTLY with the "leave it" command. Now poor Piper can chew a nylabone without it being stolen right out of her mouth! And you will appreciate this: when we were working on the "come" command in class, I was holding the leash one night and the trainer was calling her. Well, he was being just a little too exuberant with her, really clapping his hands and yelling excitedly. So of course she was flat on the floor! But, I am proud to say that she's a little trooper and CRAWLED across the floor to him! Yay! She went all the way over to him and when she got there she stood up! So she has REALLY come a long way with strangers! One night in PetSmart she even let a stranger approach her and pet her and she didn't cower at all! The trainer even remarked that he's seen a huge difference in her since the start of the class.

We're still working with her and plan on going back in the fall for intermediate. Piper doesn't know it yet but she may be going back also for a refresher course!"

What remarkable and gratifying things our families accomplish with and for their Frenchies! We believe that Hudson's new smarts will inspire Piper with an interest in more education. We expect to see a photo by Christmastime of two vivacious Frenchie girls wearing their caps and gowns! Congratulations on all your achievements, Hudson, from a pleased and proud
Frog Princess

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