Sunday, August 6

It Never Gets Easier to See

It never gets easier to see a dog abandoned and suffering.

It never gets easier to imagine what kind of person would use a dog for breeding, enjoy the profits of litter after litter, and then throw the dog out of a car on some highway to be killed or to starve. What manner of man or woman could be so ungrateful and so cruel?

The hateful individual who threw this tiny, nameless girl away will doubtless go unpunished, while the blameless dog you see here bears scars and painful wounds filled with corruption and endures the affliction of parasites who prey on unhealthy systems. Her teeth are decaying and broken. Her eyes are cloudy; her ears are thick with dirt and the scars of untreated infections; and her lovely coat, what should be her pied beauty, is eaten away. She itches so constantly and so fiercely that she could scarcely stand still or stand up to have these photos taken.

And yet--her face. She looks at the camera and the person behind it with such trust! She is so remarkably peaceful and so delighted to be in the company of people and to be receiving words of praise and kind attention.

This nameless girl was found wandering in Texas and was scheduled to be euthanized if she went unclaimed for more than 72 hours. Thankfully, someone found out about her. Fortunately, someone cared enough to pick her up. Mercifully, her condition is not life-threatening. 72 hours is such a brief time to learn of a dog in need, to find a volunteer to pick her up and a foster home to take her in. If readers ever learn of a Frenchie anywhere, anytime in a shelter or in need, please call or email your state contact or a contact in a state near you. Consider donating to your local animal rescue or shelter more frequently, or make them a beneficiary of your estate.

And, of course, please continue to help us make the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs like this girl possible. The small, monthly donations we can count on are such a boost to our sense of security! This footsore Frenchie will be up on the foster/sponsor pages this week, and we hope you'll be moved to send a donation for her care. If you like, you can send a paypal donation here, with a note that it is for the unnamed girl.
We feel torn today between our elation that this girl was discovered and delivered from danger and is on her way to health and a loving home and our sense of horror and despair that there are so many more like her, this minute, wandering the world in confusion, ill and frightened.

However. We won't allow ourselves to be weighed down with useless fretting. We do what we can, we give what we can, we save those we can. And that must be enough for our friends, our volunteers, and for
The Frog Princess


Pam Trent said...

I hope all works out for this poor creature. I am going to keep tabs on her progress and help when I can. I would love to be the lucky person to give her a forever home so she would want for nothing the rest of her days on earth. She deserves that.

Anonymous said...

I can only see her beauty.
I can only see the trust in her eyes and the love in her heart which she wears like a wonderful gown.
I can also see her future, which, thanks to FBRN is now more rosy than ever.

In honor of her future, this unnamed girl should be called 'Rosie'!

From the Frenchies in the Dewey Clover Meadow of Indianapolis

Anonymous said...

This girl talks to me with hers eyes from the those pictuers. She opened my eyes and now I know what should I do for them. She gave us so much things, and now our turn to give her real love. i wish she gets so many loves from all of us.

Anonymous said...

It saddens my soul that someone could use her up and throw her out with the trash. She is going to make someone the most beautiful treasure. After all she has been through, still she has so much love and trust in her eyes. I hope that is from the fact that she knows she is safe now & that she has been given more love and attention than she has ever know. She is going to be soooo beautiful...

Anonymous said...

How heartbreaking that things like this happen to innocent creatures. I'll never understand how anyone could do this to a animal. God bless FBRN and the foster parents who do their best to make each of these dogs life better.

Anonymous said...

What a dear sweet little Pixie she is! I can hardly wait to see how she looks when she is all fixed up. Thanks to the foster home that is taking on this task. We need more people like you!