Monday, August 7

Hope and Faith

Hope and Faith were breeder retirees. They both have some hearing loss, and may require surgery to remove the polyps and growths in their ears. Faith's last litter was 4 months ago, and Hope had a litter in June, but she stopped producing milk and was surrendered to us. Both are 6 years old.

Hope appears to be the scrappier of the two. She's a little dominant and a little scared, but nothing too extreme. She was spayed last week (her foster mom says she thinks Faith missed her while she was gone!) and had some of the polyps removed, but the vet thinks that she'll need ear ablation, which will render her quite hard of hearing. One of Hope's pupils is larger than the other, possibly due to an old injury. She's recovering from her spay nicely and is eager to please and, like Faith, hungry for attention and affection!

Faith is in sad shape. She's had a couple of lateral ear sections to clear the polyps from her ears, so she's hard of hearing. She has a dry eye problem that has resulted in scarring in one eye and the vet has given her medicine for that. As if that weren't enough, she also has a bladder infection, poor thing! Painful, muffled, blurry and uncomfortable: that pretty much sums up Faith's sensory experience right now, except, of course, when she is bundled up in her foster mom's arms and getting a chin scratch. Once Faith's bladder infection has cleared up and Hope has recovered from her spay, it will be Faith's turn to be spayed.

Though these little dogs each have a weight problem and some hearing loss, we know through experience that these are conditions we can address. These two girls can be adopted separately or together. We are very glad they came to us for rehabilitation and rehoming, because we have been able to place dogs that came to us just like them, and some in much worse shape, in wonderful homes in the past.

These girls have spent their lives making adorable puppies that loving families have taken home and cherished, spoiled and fussed over. Now they are retired, and it's their turn to be someone's special girl. If you would like to sponsor one or both of them, maybe in the name of your own Frenchie or your Frenchie's birth mom, or even as a unique way to celebrate someone's retirement, you can do so on their foster page.

We revere these mammas who've labored so long and well in the whelping boxes of our kingdom. Join us in lifting a glass to remember all the dogs we've known and all their unknown mammas who made loving them and knowing them possible. With respect and deep regard,
The Frog Princess

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txchic57 said...

These two look like the big sisters of Mike and Jake.