Wednesday, August 23

Frances Feels Fine!

The photo here may seem to belie the title of this post, but Frances really is feeling much better than she was when we first took her in. She's been suffering the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over a year, and her owners and her vets had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at poor Frances. Still, she was vomiting and having awful diarrhea. From 21 pounds a year ago to the very, very thin 13 pounds you see here, Frances had obviously not responded well to the treatments.
Her foster mom took Franny to a bulldog specialist first, who suggested that Franny was overmedicated, and then referred them to a veterinary internist. Life in the big city may have its frustrations, but it also means that specialists and veterinary internists can be found without having to drive to another province or state!
The internist agreed with the Bully vet and prescribed a bland diet, featuring cooked and raw vegetables and cottage cheese. And voila! Franny has had no tummy troubles at all since then!

She is 8 years-old and is learning about housetraining--her foster mom says Frances goes outside and just sits there, anxiously looking up at her and trying to figure out why they are outdoors. Then they go back in the house and Frances finds a corner to do her private business in.
Her foster mom is confident that Franny can learn about housebreaking, and apart from that little bad habit, she is a really swell little dog. She's happy to be with people, excited to be with other dogs, is patient with the children, and is a lovely, perky, happy little thing.
Of course, eating 4 times a day to put on weight, playing with the other Frenchies and supervising the children has consequences for even the healthiest little Frenchie. Plenty of sleep is a big part of Frances' treatment plan, and she is very committed to getting well!
Frances is our newest foster girl, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the FBRN fold. If you'd like to help with the costs of her veterinary care, please go to the website foster page, and click on the bone at the left. Tell us your donation is for Frances and leave a note with your well-wishes for her. She's got a way to go before she's well again, and even the boldest and bravest Frenchie girls can use a little encouragement, says
The Frog Princess

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