Thursday, August 10

Oatmeal Finds a Family

Oatmeal has found a loving home in New York State. He'll have two people to adore him and in a couple of weeks he'll have a little sister to make his life exciting and interesting. We hope it's interesting in a good way and not in that "May you live in interesting times" curse-y sort of way. Hard to say which it'll be. With little sisters, you never know.

Here's Oatus enjoying a play date with a fine young Frenchie. As you see, Oatus is looking fit and healthy here. But wait! Where is the Wicked Peanut? Doubtless prowling the perimeter of the kitchen, scoping out new ways to access the family's ice cream while Oatus is otherwise occupied. We'll have to wait and see if Oatmeal's distraction lasts long enough for the perfidious Peanut to purloin the forbidden but tantalizing Chunky Monkey!

Next month, Oatus' mom will begin to work from home, and, with his new sister, he'll be able to count on back-up to foil the Wicked Peanut's plot to empty the frozen confection section of the freezer. He'll have his work cut out for him. A cat and her Cherry Garcia are not easily separated for long.

We wish Oatmeal and his family all of life's richness and rewards and look forward to updates on the growing family and the continuing battle to protect our favorite--Phish Food ice cream,
The Frog Princess

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