Thursday, August 24

Rocky's Day at the Lake

Here is our magnificent foster dog, Rocky, watching the shores of Lake Somethingeruther for swimmers in distress. Note the look of intensity, the sense of readiness, the muscled energy prepared for release upon a moment's notice. The bather has no idea he is being observed with such care. No, he splashes in a carefree, thoughtless way, heedless of his lifeguard, who stands prepared to dash hellbent-for-leather down the dunes and into the water to effect a rescue.
Alas for the unlucky bather, Rocky can only watch in sad dismay as the swimmer sinks below the waves. Rocky has forgotten about the little matter of his lead, fixed to the "No Swimming" sign, decisively preventing any attempts at a dash to the water. Also that he cannot swim without his vest on. These are the rules of a day at the lake. Very dampening to a young Frenchie's fantasies, we can assure you.
Ah, well. Rocky resumes his self-imposed chore. Soon, perhaps, some lovely Frenchie mermaid will rise above the tiny waves and make an attempt to lure him to a watery end with her siren song. Then Rocky will be glad of his fixture to the sign and he will merely eye her from afar whilst she fruitlessly warbles her murderous melody.
O! the life of the imagination is a rich life, indeed, young Rocky! We hope the home and family you are dreaming of comes to you quickly. Meanwhile, there are sea monsters to spy and off-lead dogs to intimidate on the shores of Somethingeruther by the shining big sea water, in the land of
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

good one!

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo!