Saturday, August 5

Pancake's Return or Out of the Frying Pan

Coincidentally, a month ago today we blogged about Pancake's adoption into a lovely family. Sadly, the placement did not work out. The Boston Terrier in the home took exception with prejudice (a LOT of prejudice!) to the idea of another snortling pooch on the premises and in no uncertain terms demanded that Pancake serve himself up elsewhere.
Whaddaya gonna do? Though his adoptive family was very disappointed and sad, they
recognized that Pancake's life could be easier and sweeter elsewhere. So Pancake is in foster care again and, as our eagle-eyed web browsers will have already noticed, back on the available page! If you missed your chance to apply for this love-muffin the first time around, check him out. He's one of the NC-10, survivors of a puppy mill operation, and he's available on a special foster-to-adopt program.

Meanwhile, as he was waiting for his new foster mom to pick him up, he got to spend some time with the (in)famous Benny da Frog and Louie! Pancake was able to lure Louie from his spot in front of Animal Planet and entice him to play, which is a testament, says Louie's mom, to Pancake's considerable charms! Benny da Frog, on the left in these photos, is an ingeniously naughty Frenchie, and FBRN volunteers who read the information and chat lists for the group are occasionally treated to an update on his adventures in his own words. His hilarious little messages alone are reason enough to volunteer!

Pancake and Benny and Louie engaged in several minutes of play in the positively enervating heat and humidity of the Maryland summer before succumbing to exhaustion and a form of canine accedie, or world-weariness. Look at their faces, don't they seem just on the edge of a doldrum-inspired nappage? Don't they look about a half a quart low and desperately in need of cookies and maybe a nice B-12 shot? It's a dog's life, it really is.

Pancake is now ensconced in his foster home and he'll remain there until he's adopted by a new family. If you would like to offer your hand and home to this perfect Pancake, fill out an adoption form and see what happens. We wish you well in your quest to win him. Butter up Pancake's foster mom, is the advice of
The Frog Princess

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