Tuesday, August 29

Dewey Dreams

Dewey is growing accustomed to life in a home. He has learned that dog beds are nicer than the cold floor, and couches and comfy pillows and a binky are even nicer than a dog bed. Here is Dewey, dreaming of his new family, dreaming of a day filled with tug and toys and bully sticks and happiness in the arms of a beautiful lady.

It's a wonderful dream, and if our record of placing Frenchies in perfect homes is any predictor of the future, one that may well be on its way to coming true. What do you think? Is there room in your home for an upbeat, possibility thinker?

If you are panting for the opportunity to make a home for this handsome and snuggly loverduck, go to his available page and check out his posting. Could be that he's the dog of your dreams! He's certainly appeared in a few of the dreams of
The Frog Princess

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