Friday, August 4

Anna Belle is Pretty in Pink!

We are delighted to see the outpouring of generous sponsors and gifts to sweet Anna Belle, the So Cal Frenchie girl who was saved through the combined efforts of many Frenchie lovers, including the French Bulldog Club of So. Cal. We were particularly touched to see that someone sent AnnaBelle a gift of birthday money to help her get well. These photos and this story is especially for that person, a member of the Fisher family, who was so kind to Anna Belle.

Anna Belle received her beautiful pink bed from her foster mom's sister. According
to A.B.'s foster mom, the bed is now an enormous part of Anna Belle's life. Here's a note describing some of the ways Anna Belle spends her days:

The day that [the bed] arrived in the mail, I put it on the floor in my bedroom and she took to it straight away. Later that evening, when it began to cool down outside, I had the back door open and the dogs were all running in and out playing. I was on the phone with my sister when I heard a bit of a ruckus in the garage. When I went to investigate, just spying around the corner, I found Anna Belle along with her pink bed and her red ball having a "private party" in the garage. She was running around, jumping at the pink bed, barking in her little girl voice trying to get it to play with her, running away and running back and jumping on it as if it were her new best friend. Anna Belle had brought her new pink bed and her red ball way across the upstairs hall, down the staircase and all the way out into the garage, which required several U-Turns and much maneuvering. My guess is that she was enjoying the cool outdoors so much that she wanted to share it with her "things" (Although she is very attached to the pink bed, she is willing to share it with Taloula).

Anna has really come to understand the order of things around here. Not only has there been "ZERO" aggressive moves over treats (even when someone wants to swap), food, water or personal space as there was a few weeks ago, but Anna is initiating play with both Taloula and Rampage.

Anna sneaks in....slowly when Taloula is resting...Taloula pretends not to notice....Anna slips in next to her and lies down. Seconds later, Anna rolls over and jabs her in the guts with her back feet and: GAME ON!!!! Anna runs....Taloula chases....reverse order.....STOP......Other way......Down!!! GO......figure 8 around the house...Rampage (the Doberman) is on the move now....FLAG....STOP. Other WAY!!!! Here comes Rampage....Slam, left, UP....Snip...he is down.....Girls against Boy....He's on his a medic!!! Get his feet!!! I have his ear!!! Flip!!! Rampage is up and running again.....they are in the back 40 now, Rampage in front, Taloula behind, Anna lurching in the bush for the take down...Way more fun to watch, but you get the picture!!!!

Yes, and it's a very vivid picture! We wanted to show you that Anna Belle's young friend in the Fisher family is not the only one who knows how to share a gift. Here's Taloula, enjoying the fuzzy pink comfort of Anna Belle's bed. Anna Belle is paying it forward. We thank Anna Belle's foster mom for sharing Anna Belle's enjoyment! It brings a smile to the weary Friday face of
The Frog Princess

PS And speaking of faces! Here's a photo of a certain Miss Taloula following some rootling in a freshy watered garden. Does she look even a little bit ashamed, abashed or embarrassed to you? No? Nor to us! Young girls these days. No dignity.


txchic57 said...

It looks like the fur has grown back on her front feet. That's great to see! Is she ever a doll.

Anonymous said...

Go Taloula! Nothing like a good romp in the mud on a hot day if you ask me. It usually followed by a nice cool bath. :)