Wednesday, August 9

Roscoe the Elder: Country Gentleman

Roscoe the Elder's foster family recently moved to the country. You can see him here, contemplating the greenness of the Wisconsin countryside, sniffing at whiffs of far-off dairy farms, listening for the clashing sounds of high school football teams on the practice fields across the town.

Roscoe the Elder is a country gentleman, and he is learning the ways of the wild country folk. Absurdly early birds will cheep and caw and sing before a dog has even finished his dreams. Raccoons in the yard, and possums on the porch, peer through the kitchen windows to discover what lovely tidbits from tonight's dinner will be ripening in the trashcan tonight.

Roscoe remains suspicious of the susuration of the breeze in the trees at night. And he won't walk past the corner of the garage on his last constitutional of the evening, because the darkness and shadows of the shrubbery beyond the corner could be shielding uncouth bears or boars or badgers. A Frenchie likes his country home and he likes his country comforts--a warm fire in a large fireplace to toast his toes, the evening firefly performance on the lawn, and a nightcap of creamy egg drink before bed. Leave the wild wood creatures to their own entertainments.

As much as Roscoe enjoys the new home his foster parents have found in the country, he would gladly trade it all for a home where he is king of all he surveys. He's been with us a long time, and he's still waiting. Town or country: he's an elegant boy with a lot of love and life to share. Is yours the home he's watching for, asks

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Roscoe, if I lived anywhere near Wisconsin, I'd take you home in heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

I had the great pleasure of riding the ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin in the company of this fine fellow. If I didn't already have a male bulldog who is over protective of "his girls", I would have applied to adopt him. He is quite endearing! I hope he finds his forever home soon!