Monday, August 14

Lucy Patoosie!

Yes, we know it is wrong to make personal remarks. But really. There are some faces that simply cry out for commentary! This is our new foster girl, Lucy Patoosie, now being fostered in Connecticut. We dare you to look at that jaw and not blink. One's own jaw falls open in awe! Is this not the face of a Major Political Figure? Look at the determination! Look at that steely eye!
Surely this dog was meant to be prime minister! Surely she was meant to appear on stamps and coins and other artifacts of Empire? We will let others make jokes about the possibility that she is some awful genetic experiment gone horribly wrong--some maniac scientist's attempt to create a true landshark, perhaps, or a cross between a lamprey eel and a Frenchie!

But of course, all these remarks and jokes at a poor girl's expense would be terribly wrong and one would be ashamed to even think these things, let alone take part in any sort of mean-spirited observations to the public. We were raised better than that, and, indeed, we are not in our own person without flaw in the area of appearance, and we would not enjoy having someone hold up our own little, shall we say, unique aspects for the world to jape at and mock. Also, foster families can get very testy about having people make uncomplimentary comments, and we don't wish to offend anyone. Still...Wow!
All right, all right, on with the facts of the case. Lucy was surrendered after she nipped the hand of a toddler. Apart from that tiny behavioral indiscretion, (and be honest--haven't there been children you've wanted to nip? Just a little? We've known a few.) Lucy Patoosie is really a very good dog. She's tiny, she's active, she's quite playful with a ball in the backyard. She will protect her food and her toys, and we don't want anyone to be hurt, so we'll want a home experienced in difficult dogs where these behaviors can be swiftly and effectively extinguished. She gets along pretty well with other dogs.
What we'd like most of all for Lucy is a home where her active nature can find expression through obedience classes, flyball or agility, and where an experienced owner can teach Lucy how to be a successful companion.
If you think you could provide an outlet for a strong-minded, feisty, petite 4 year old character, watch for her to appear on the available list. We guarantee Lucy Patoosie will excite comment and bring life and fun to your home. Go visit her on the foster page, and see if you'd like to be the first to sponsor this venusian visage! This fabulous phiz! This remarkable mug!
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Look at the set of that jaw. That's stubborn with a capital stub. In other words, my kind of girl.