Thursday, October 25

Reba Redux!

Reba's story is extraordinary. She was misdiagnosed with some sort of back problem when she went lame and was surrendered when treatments for a non-existent problem were ineffectual. She happened to land in a foster family who was able to take her to the University of Minnesota vet school, where her problem was correctly diagnosed as meningitis--a condition very few dogs even survive, let alone recover from. Generous donors made her testing at the vet school and her hydrotherapy and other treatments possible. Now Reba is living with a wonderful family who give her herbal oil massages each night and have continued her physical therapy. Here are two photos of Reba: the top photo shows a nearly incapacitated girl, emaciated (see that spinal ridge?) and without energy. The photo below shows Reba with muscle, out of doors, enjoying her life. Here is the note her mom sent following a visit with Reba's family:

"Checked in with Reba on the weekend. Her owners invited us down to see fall colors. Reba continues to make steady improvements in mobility. I saw a big difference from the last visit (4 weeks prior). She moves very well on three legs by bunny hopping. I was really impressed with how she could jump the track of a sliding glass door and beat us to the kitchen. She is using her weak front leg more and more to balance and steady herself. Her owners are very pleased with her progress. They work with her every day doing strengthening exercises in her wheelchair, stretching, "stepping" and massage. She eats an all raw diet including veggies. She looks marvelous!
We all went for a walk on their land with Reba in the wagon and the rest of our combined dogs on foot. Reba stood in the front of the wagon most of the way very happily being part of the pack. Her owners report she also likes to go out in their boat. Reba and I got to snuggle a bit. She nibbled my ear and playfully tugged the sleeve of my shirt. I am still on a Reba "high" three days later... I have attached an old and new photo of Reba. She is a robust gal now."

Robust and sleek as a little black seal! We owe Reba's dedicated foster mom and her whole team of therapists and doctors, as well as her new family a great big "thank you!" With the help of our donors, Reba is living happily in a family, giving and receiving love and incidentally decorating her world. She is a real inspiration to our foster families and her fans!

How does one sign up for herbal oil massages, wonders
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful ending! (Actually, I hope Reba's forever family and foster momma will continue to send more pictures and updates--especially one of her in the wagon!) Looking at the two pictures, it's hard to imagine it's the same dog in both of them.

In her second picture, if you look in her eyes I think she is trying to say "Thank you FBRN! It's been a long journey, but I am home now!"

Anonymous said...

We just knew you could do it, Reba!!! Thanks to your foster mommy for bringing you back from the brink of despair. You are gorgeous & both me & my mommy love you to pieces! ~Yer pal, Rudi, FBRN grad '05

Anonymous said...

This just brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful inspiration Reba and her caretakers are, for all of us, both human and canine!

Thank you FBRN for bringing in a broken dog and making her whole with vet care, physical therapy, good food, and lots and lots of love!!

FBRN Supporter