Monday, November 5

Winter is Icumen In!

The lovely autumn colors are fading and the leaves are falling, leaving the skeletons of trees exposed against the lowering sky. From time to time in the Frog Princess's kingdom, the sun makes an appearance, and the quality of the sunlight is green/golden, coming sideways across the landscape, rather than shining down directly on our subjects as it does in warmer months.

Now that the days are darkening, we thought a reminder of the coming spring is in order, just in case any melancholy souls are grumping about the long months that stretch before us. Here are some photos of recent FBRN graduate Meika, enjoying a day of sunshine and sea and sand on some coastal paradise. Her mom sent us this note:

"Meika (formerly Mica) is settled into our home, and we look forward to all three of us owning a home with a big fenced yard to garden. Meika absolutely loves to "help" me in the garden, but for now has to be on a leash. We love her dearly and are very grateful to FBRN for bringing her into our lives. She has added so much joy to our lives!"

We feel sure that Meika will make herself very useful when the day comes that she is turned loose to help turn the earth and guard against the trespassings of feathered and furry delinquents on the prowl for a berry or a bean.

Meanwhile, as the winter comes and the garden rests, it is very good to know that Meika has a few toys to occupy herself with and help to wile away the hours until the soil reaches a lovely 50 degrees or so and planting is possible again! We believe she'll make an excellent companion and assistant when the seed catalogs begin to arrive and selections must be made.

Those catalogs are dangerous, we know.

It is tempting to throw moderation to the wind in a bout of Spring fever, and order every kind of flower seed, then broad cast them willy-nilly, to cause a midsummer botanical riot. We feel sure Meika will have opinions on the vexing question of marigolds or morning glories, poppies or petunias, columbine or Canterbury bells.

But why not plant them all? incites
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Phew, FP! We wuz getting worried about you! Meika is a lovely girl, and I believe she will encourage the planting of mostly EDIBLE plants and flowers. Nothing like a nice organic pansy for garnishing one's kibble.
(KIBBLE!) says Joey One Eye

Anonymous said...

Meika looks so happy in her furever home! Those are wonderful pictures of Mieka against the blue sky. Loved reading about her passion for gardening and penchant for helping.

Frog Princess, we missed you! Can you believe the work I got done this past week not poring over Her Highness' words? But the heart grew sad in her absence, only to be warmed upon her return!