Tuesday, October 2


Julia, aka Jewels, was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill and was surrendered to FBRN by the fabulous folks at the St. Louis Humane Society.

We are so glad to have Julia and her ears with us!

So far, Julia is adjusting very well to life indoors with a family. She got to meet and travel with a seven year-old helper as she was transported by an FBRN volunteer to her foster home, and she conducted herself with aplomb and dignity. Julia has been introduced to her foster family's kitties and has shown a great deal of interest in them, but has so far made no hostile gestures in their direction. Or even in the general direction of their Auntie, pipes up Woodrow, our obstreperous nephew here visiting for the week.

Julia is a very sweet girl, and enjoys nothing better than being held in someone's arms. She sighs and relaxes and her enormous ears send out satisfied and happy radio signals to dogs in far galaxies and ham operators around the world.

Ham? inquires
The Frog Princess

PS Please don't forget! If you have an FBRN grad you would like to see featured on the FBRN calendar, submit your photos by the 19th of October. The rules are HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I bet you could hear me if I whispered "I think you're cute"