Saturday, October 20

Herc Has Hair

Back in August, we had an enormously successful fundraiser for Herc, our little hydrocephalic frogdog. You may recall he was found, emaciated and very sick, wandering in the country. Herc's hair is growing back, as you can see, though it is still a bit patchy. He's also been putting on some much-needed weight and muscle, and spends a good part of every day playing with the resident Frenchies in his foster home. In the photo above, he is waiting for Darla to quit chewing her stick so they can play Indy 500 around the yard.

Hercule P. continues to recover from his really awful case of demodex. In fact, he's feeling so much better, he's begun to worry about his appearance! His foster mom writes:

"The "kissing booth" has done amazing things for his self esteem. Why, just tonight he asked me if he thought FBRN would buy him a membership to the Hair Club for Men! I think it's always a good sign when a little frog who's been very, very sick starts to be concerned about looking like a handsome prince again, don't you? Still, I told him to give it six months and if his hair hasn't improved immensely along with his health, we'd revisit the question. :o) (He confided that he wants to look his best because he hopes to one day meet the Frog Princess in person. He actually got goose bumps (or are they toad bumps?) just thinking of the mere possibility! Oh, but don't tell him I told you ... he'd be so embarrassed.)

But seriously, folks, he's doing really well, and I can't help but believe that all that loving good energy coming at him from so many people is speeding him along the road to recovery (and princedom).

Herc says, "Thanks for caring about me and all the other Frenchie orphans.""

We are flattered and delighted that amid all his troubles, young Hercule P. should spare a moment to dream of a meeting with us! Indeed, the admiration is mutual! responds

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks awesome compared to not long ago. Way to go Herc!

Rebecca Hardy, PhD said...

There's my beautiful boy!!