Monday, October 8

Tony the Tiger

Tony came to us as a consequence of some behavioral problems which culminated in biting a neighbor. He'd also been trying to control the children's behavior (good luck with that, Tony!) and he'd been marking in the house. In short, Tony was a Tyrant!

He's undergoing a systematic reboot in foster care under the loving and tender eye of a no-nonsense family. He's already making progress.

Here is a photo of Tony the T, sucking on his hedgehog. He loves this toy so much his mom sent three of them along with him to foster care! Tony's habit is common in dogs, and though many of us find it endearing to see a big ol' Golden Retriever or a crabby little Frenchie blissed out with a toy, we will be working on curbing his fixation and dependency on this object.

Underneath all that stripey bluster there's a happy, good-natured and secure boy just waiting to burst out, believes

The Frog Princess

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Balboa said...

My daddy's name is Tony and he's cool, so you must be even coolier ~ cuz you're a Frenchie too.

Frenchie Snorts