Wednesday, October 24

Dory Comes Ashore!

Wee little Dory has come to join the foster roster at FBRN. She's a tiger brindle, full of pep, is especially fond of the menfolk, and is settling in nicely with her foster brother, Tugboat. Dory appears to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder when it comes to her vittles. If there is any people food to be had, she will turn up her nose at the food in her dish! Her foster mom reports that Dory appears to expect that the people will be handing out bits of their dinner to a hungry frog, and she makes her desire for some of that rotisserie chicken very clear! Poor Dory. Her foster mom says no people food for an itchy girl!

Dory was surrendered when her owner realized she just couldn't manage Dory's allergies anymore. We are going to see what a change in environment and an allergy specialist might be able to do for poor Dory's pitiful itchiness. She also seems to have an especially hard time with breathing, so we'll have our Frenchie-savvy vet take a look at her nares and poke around her palate just to be sure she doesn't need a little snipping.

Meanwhile, Dory has taken to following her foster dad around like he is made of cheese. She is a daddy's girl, for sure!

We hope to get a good report from the vet about Dory's condition soon. We'll be sure to update the website when we know more.

Rotisserie chicken? ponders
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that little Dory won't be itching for too much longer. Thank you to the kind foster parents who are looking after her.
Please keep us posted.
The Sea Bright gang is rooting for you, Dory.