Thursday, October 18

Savannah and Julia are settling in!

The St. Louis Humane Society entrusted us with two sweet puppy mill survivors last month. Here are the reports we received shortly after their placement in their foster homes. They are not being fostered together, but we think of them as a sort of unit, considering the suffering they shared in their puppy mill days.

Here is the report on Julia:

"Julia has done really well since I picked her up on Saturday. She has displayed a little dominance with the other dogs that we have been watching closely. Other than not being potty trained, she is a joy. She is very affectionate and seems to want to be with people. She also is not afraid to explore her surroundings. I'm taking her to the vet this week to get her tooth looked at.

Last night I put her in her kennel in the spare room. I usually let our fosters sleep by themselves for a night or two to adjust to a new house. Then, when I think they are ready, I move them into our room. Well, she howled up a storm last night, so I moved her kennel next to my bed and she slept like a baby through the night!"

And Savannah is also a little love bug, with lots of energy and curiosity about the wide world outside her puppy mill: "Well, Savannah is a sweet, goofy girl. She is doing well with housebreaking. LOVES kids, all ages and sizes. She is fine with cats; she just wants to chase them, but if they do not run, she does not chase.

Savannah is eating well, too. She is fine with dogs ordinarily, but doesn't share and we do not leave rawhides and toys out when other dogs are around.

She is doing well on car rides and leash training too."

These girls are just picking right up on all the little perqs of life on the outside, we'd say. Veterinary care! Car trips! Sleeping with the people pack! Kitty tag! Toys! Good food, and plenty of it! It must be like they have taken a turn into the Emerald City.

"You're out of the woods! You're out of the dark! You're out of the night!
Step into the sun, step into the light..." sings the optimistic voice of
The Frog Princess

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