Thursday, October 18

Pixie Update!

We recently received an update on our former foster, Pixie, who is living in hospice care with one of our volunteers. She has a case of heartworm and some other troubles, but most days you wouldn't know she is sick. She hangs out with her rival, Truffles, and the handsome and beefy Little Man, that dashing redhead you see in these photos. His 42 pounds to her 15 makes them an inspiration for jocose observations on the part of passersby when they go out together. Here's Pixie's update:

Stinker Poot Pixie is doing well and has invented some more novelties: she cusses. She really does, she barks at me when I am not paying her enough attention, when I still ignore her she punctuates her barks with a sound that is a cross between a sneeze and a spit. When I did it back to her, she trotted over, ears perked way up, I swear she was laughing. She also grumbles, "arghh". She is so sassy.

When she and Truffles are ganging up against Little Man, she grabs his ear until he plops on the floor. It is a good thing he is so good humored. He even comes between them when they are having a tiff, for the sake of peace! She sleeps with me most nights and starts nudging me in the morning when she thinks it's time to get up. Pixie is so hard to resist! She always expects to be first. My French Bulldog Meetup group had a meeting a week ago, and Pixie flirted outrageously with an intact male Frenchie (Dunhill). She likes all the Frenchies who come, but Dunhill was the handsomest guy there that day. She always does well after these meetings, but some evenings she seems to have more trouble getting enough air.

The vet has added albuterol inhalation. So she now gets Flovent (steroid) and albuterol inhalation as well as theophylline and enalapril. She has gotten bossier and now barks out her orders from where she is sitting lol. Of course she hasn't given up any of her guard duties, and has first "window barking rights".

She loves to groom. Little Man loves it and puts out his paw for more (she pretends not to see it). Truffles gets annoyed after a short while and moves away. I gave Pixie a bath a few days ago. She loved the part where she gets wrapped up in a flannel sheets and goes to sleep on my lap."

Directly above, you can see Pixie with her latest foster babies: an adorable kitten who has already gone to live with her family, and Peanut, a chihuahua mix. It's a variation on the lifeboat ethic we are seeing here, folks. As long as the lifeboat lap can hold you, you are welcome! Looks like there could be room for a couple more kitties and at least one more Pixie-sized pooch on that lap.

Now that's the way to spend a rainy football-watching afternoon! approves
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to get news of Pixie! She is such a darling ol' girl! I had to laugh at her mom's description of her antics--she reminds me so much of my grandma, I'm tempted to believe in reincarnation! Long live Pixie!