Tuesday, October 2

New! At FBRN's Shopping Mall!

We have expanded our offering of bottle cap medals for your dog's collar! There are two new types of medal, both very limited in availability.

We have just seven of these great Hallowe'en medals.

And we are offering another seven of these beautiful Star of David medals after receiving a request from one of our supporters:

Some have hearts and flowers in the background, and some have stars and moons.

If you would like to order one or more, hurry over to the FBRN shopping mall's accessories page, scroll down to the St. Francis Blessing medals and click on the St. Francis medals. When you make your PayPal payment, just specify what medal you'd like: Hallowe'en, Stars and Moon Star of David, or Hearts and Flowers Star of David.

Our volunteer, Lesley Sailor, makes these herself, and they are great, especially for the Frenchie who doesn't like a costume, but doesn't mind a bit of flash and sparkle.

We do enjoy a bit of bling, admits
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

How cool!! We love our St. Francis medal so lovingly crafted by the artist. And for such a reasonable price and helping homeless Frenchies too!