Monday, October 15


Beverly has been found! Her dad is on the way to pick her up at the vet's office, and a reunion is imminent!
Thanks to all for your good wishes,
The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

OH MY, we are so happy that she was found!!!!!!!!! I am so glad she and her daddy will be together again. This just makes us all so happy. Did a good samaritan find her?

Frenchie happy snorts

Woz said...

Excellent news on an otherwise bleak Monday!

Deanna said...


Anonymous said...

THAT'S FANTASTIC NEWS! I read about Beverly going missing right before bed and had a hard time sleeping thinking about that lovely girl possibly wandering and lost and missing her daddy and Bistro!

Beverly, now, you obey and return when you are called, Y'HEAR? NO MORE unsupervised adventures you naughty girl! (here's a doggy treat)

FBRN Volunteer