Tuesday, October 2

Twila Gets Mobile!

Twila recently received a custom-made cart to make zooming around the homestead a bit easier. She took to it like a pro. Here's what her foster mom had to say about Twila's first day gone mobile:

"Twila received a new BMW convertible yesterday. She took to driving like a fish to water. As she was running around the room she kept saying something about move over Dale Earnhardt Jr. I am coming through. Last I saw her she was heading for the west 40!"

Thanks to all Twila's sponsors for making it possible for Twila to move around after so much time on crate rest!

Twila got to go to the National French Bulldog Specialty Show held in Denver, CO, last month. She and FBRN grad Brutus got to ride all the way from Florida to CO, and they had a blast! Everyone who met her was immediately struck by her beautiful personality and her perpetual smile. Twila's name means twilight, but her spirit lights up a room like the noonday sun.

The Frog Princess

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