Saturday, October 6

Samson Graduates Physical Therapy

Last month, our beloved Samson completed his 12 week course of physical therapy. For each session, his foster mom drove over an hour to drop him off in the morning and again in the evening to pick him up again. Samson loved the trainers and the facility, and he made some wonderful progress. Here's his foster mom's note celebrating Samson's last session:

"Now I know how a real mom feels. My little big frog will graduate from physical therapy and rehab Friday of this week. It has been a series of ten weeks from session number 1 to our final session number 18 on Friday of this week. Samson had a week off from therapy midway. He will join all the graduates at the end of this week. Samson was hoping perhaps someone could host a party in his honor including wine and cheese and perhaps some Toblerone for his foster mom?

It has been a learning experience for myself and a physical experience for Sam Sam. He totally loves PT, the staff, the girl pooches and most of all the regained prance in his step. In many ways, I am sorry that it is ending as the progress was so remarkable and his time so enjoyable. I will have a list of home exercises available as we will continue at-home therapy while he continues to take small steps toward recovery.

It will certainly be nice to have a full time copilot and Frenchie company throughout the workday as he seems very happy being along for the ride. We have the chance to have a lunchtime break and a walk and as the weather cools, I think his preference may be not to be at home if he can accompany me."

Samson, even without the long, curly hair, we think you are strong and brave and bold! sighs
The Frog Princess

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