Thursday, October 11

Maurice is Practicing For The Calendar Photoshoot...

...and he wants to know:

"Does my butt look big in this?"

Maurice and hundreds of other FBRN placements are eligible to compete for the 2008 FBRN calendar! Check out the rules here, and get your photos in by Oct. 19! Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future--don't let your chance to see your FBRN grad's handsome face peeping out at you for a whole month go by!

And remember: if your dog wins a coveted spot in the calendar, all your Christmas shopping is done! Who wouldn't love a calendar with your dog's photo inside?

Everybody loves an FBRN grad, assures

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Poor Maurice! How embarrassing...but he DOES have great legs! lol!

Anonymous said...

It takes a man who is very secure with his masculinity to play around in a tutu!!! We think its adorable!!!

Deanna said...


Anonymous said...

Poor Zombo is hiding under the bed to escape such a fate! Maurice does pull this look off with aplomb, though!!!!!!!!!!