Monday, October 22

Joey Has a Home

Following a flubbed placement, Joey is now living like a King (or a Bowery Boy--the hat makes us think of those jughead caps the boys wore in those old movies). He's spending his days among friends in his new family's doggy day care, and he is wearing himself to a happy nub playing all day long.Here's a note his new mom sent to Joey's foster mom. By the way, Joey's new name is Ivan, to go with his Boston brother's name: Igor. We are just glad they didn't name him Abby. Abby Normal.
Here's his new mom's note: "I just wanted to give you an update on Ivan. First of all, I still love him to pieces.
He and Igor are now buddies, they have started to play quite a bit. Igor lets him know that he is charge, but they do take turns being the "dominant" one. Ivan tried to hump Igor once and Igor corrected him once then humped Ivan. He doesn't try it anymore!

Ivan has gone over to daycare and loved it. He acted like he had always been part of the pack and the "Maffia". He can be a bit of a bully at times, but he is quickly learning that Mama doesn't like that, nor do other dogs. He really aims to please and listens fairly well, unless someone else has food: he is quite the chow hound!

Skin has been looking good, until we went to my parents house and my Dad fed him a bunch of cookies.

He said he was only going to give him a couple, but I should have known that "a couple" in an Italian household is a lot more than 2! We went on Sun. and this AM is when he looked really red and blotchy. He is already looking better this evening. I think that he will be fine as long as next time I bring his hypoallergenic cookies.
I've included a couple pics. It has been tricky to get him to sit still or keep hats on!"

Gotta watch those grandparents! They know it is their duty and privilege to spoil their granddoggies, and the doggies know it, too!
We are keeping our eye on that crowd of mushy faced ones. Bowery Boys, indeed! And Ivan the Adorable's right out there in front, leading the pack of them into all kinds of adventures.

Thank goodness there's plenty of family to help get those boys out of the pickles they get into!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of changing Ivan's name to Satch? He was my favorite Bowery Boy! :) Great that this Frenchie, by any name, is finally home!