Tuesday, October 2

Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? Well, Butch Has!

Butch came to us from a puppy mill background. He was rescued by a lovely woman who took him home and worked with him, and soon he was feeling fine as frogs' hair. Then the trouble started.

Butch became so attached to his Good Samaritan that he and the resident dog began to scrap and fuss over who was the Best Beloved. Regretfully, Butch's person decided to place him with FBRN, in hopes that Butch will be able to settle in with a wonderful family.

Right now Butch is enjoying his stay in his foster home. He's having lots of fun with the big ol' fluffy Black Russian Terrier.

And to keep him in line and shipshape and yar, there's Dream. She's a lady of a certain age and we are convinced she spent some time in a military branch. Just look at the way she is telling Butch just how the cow ate the cabbage. Does that boy appear to be thinking about giving her any sass, backtalk or lip? No-o. Tell you what, some of these old gals can really keep order in the ranks. Wonder if we could convince some principals to employ a few rescue girls as hall monitors in some of our more out of control schools?

Betcha there'd be no more smokin' in the boys' room! wagers
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

She does look like a drill sargent! Oh, my!