Tuesday, October 9

Hercules Rules

Herc's mom sent this update way back in August, but our amanuensis was on her annual leave and missed it when it was new. So hard to find good secretarial help these days, you know. So in response to a plea from a reader, herewith some old news, but good news, about the eminent Belgian detective, M. Hercules Poirot:

"We just got back from the vet a little while ago, and Herc went from 10.3 pounds when [a volunteer] picked him up at the Kansas Humane Society, to 15.6 pounds today! Wowser, bowser, that's only three weeks! The boy is pumping up! As we walked in to the examining room this morning, both vets said "Oh, my God!" The one who hadn't seen him yet stopped there. The doctor we saw last week went on to exclaim, "He looks a lot better today!"

They said his skin looks really good for a guy with mange (not infected at all), and his ears, eyes, and teeth are in good shape. The second vet also believes he is hydrocephalic, so we now have a second opinion on that. We will continue him on Interceptor for 90 days and only go back to antibiotics (he's finished his regimen) and/or consider dipping him again if he has a nasty flare up. I can continue to bathe him every day to keep his skin kiss-ably clean (and his BO under control)! When I asked what my vet recommended I feed him, he just looked at me and said, "There are so many theories on feeding, but obviously, whatever it is you're doing is working--just keep it up." He goes back in a month for another check up (sooner if necessary, of course) and we'll talk about neutering then. There's really no hurry on that, so the surgery will happen only in Herc's good time.

For everyone's information, I am feeding him raw with Urban Wolf as the base. He's getting a daily supplement for his skin, digestive enzymes, goats milk (which he loves), and things like spinach, bananas, chicken liver, and raw egg mix-ins. His digestive system has been great, with no tummy or bowel upsets at all. He's finished his antibiotic regimen and is only on the Interceptor now. It won't be long before he goes from being Hercule to being Hercules!

I am SO happy with his "report card". We really can't see the 5 pounds on him--he's still a scrawny little train wreck. But he's getting better every day and it's measurable. Hooray! I suspect this little guy will be hard to place, but I'm confident he will be place-able once he's regained his health--which he has every intention of doing as quickly as possible!

I've attached a few pictures. I didn't manage to get everyone, but they're awfully nice shots of Herc and a couple of his compatriots."

How can such a skinny, sick, nearly hairless, tongue-stickin' outy, funny lookin' guy inspire such extremes of affection? marvels

The [beautiful and appealing and also possibly just a little bit jealous] Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Herc you are such a dreamboat! xoxo, one of your admirers

Rebecca Hardy, PhD said...

Hercule, you make me swoon.

Anonymous said...

I just want to scoop him up and snuggle with him. He is sooo sweet looking, I would cover him with kisses!

Anonymous said...

Mon dieu! My 80-lb. Lab mix mutt Sophie is now in love with Hercule. And who can blame her?

Anonymous said...

Herc, good looking little man, hair or no hair. love ya!!! Big K

Anonymous said...

Thunk! The sound of me fainting at the sight of this boy. What a cutie. I could stare at that lopsided tonuge all day.

Anonymous said...

I know there is only one Smeags, but Herc has that same energy, makes us want to just fall down!

Sweet boy, he should be in the movies.

Anonymous said...

He just makes me smile to look at him! I could cover him in kisses too!