Tuesday, October 7

Why Is This Frog Smiling?

Today the blog has had its 300,000th hit! The blog has been around a little more than 2 years and Smeagol wanted to stop by in his beautiful Puppia harness to say "Thanks for all the visits!"

We also wish to thank the many supporters and volunteers of FBRN for your comments and encouragement. It's always fun to see how far and wide the blog reaches, and we really enjoy getting comments and hearing from readers.

We couldn't do it without our wonderful foster families, transporters and adopters who send us photos and write in with stories of our dogs. And we wouldn't do it without our ridiculous and beloved French bulldogs, who are the reason we all come together.

With appreciation to everyone who has found their way here, accidentally or on purpose, from

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, frogprincess! You've created a funny, interesting, compelling blog to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Frog Princess on what is indeed a "bestseller"! Here's to 300,00 more hits on your site!

Autographs, please! demand your grateful fans,

Sir Humphries, Bella, & their loyal servant, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Why, somewhere along the way I "accidently" fell in love with the frog princess!

Blog on in good health and relative solvency!

secret admirer

KhrisW said...

I love your blog, Frog Princess!

It's so nice to see Smeagol.... Awesome harness, too!