Tuesday, October 14


Hold on to your hats, people. We are about to roll out some capital c Cute!

This is Pancho.

He's a five month-old puppy surrendered because his owner was told that he had cherry eye and would always have eye problems. So far, we've seen no evidence of cherry eye, but it is clear to the meanest intelligence that this boy is going to have ongoing problems with frenzied frenchie fans!

Oh, yes, he is. Do you see how he scatters the toys all around and then climbs up and gives you The Look? The Who Me #4, that's what we call that one. In an earlier post, you saw Beignet deliver The Who Me #7, but Pancho is here showing off the classic #4.

Did you know that all French Bulldog puppies are provided with a pamphlet and DVD with both written and visual instructions on how to get out of a jam using the power of cuteness? Well, it's true. It's just one of the reasons why resistance is futile.

Note the head tilt, the perky tailio, the slightly pursed lips and the direct gaze? That's the #4, all right. Perfect execution!

In this final photo, you see Pancho receiving coaching and advice from his foster Auntie, Mildred. We like to see a young pup so clearly expressing respect and attention to his elders and betters. Auntie Mildred is a past-master at manipulating her people into providing her with pretty much any daggone thing she can dream up.

By the time young Pancho is ready for his forever family, he'll have absorbed a whole lot of those secrets, but we are pretty sure Mildred has forgotten more about getting her way and making her people think it was their own idea than the adorable Pancho will ever know.

That's the way it is with us Frenchie girls, smirks

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying the "Who Me" #4. I sometimes get it confused with the "You gonna finish that?" #3, which is more widely used around our house. Frankly, Joey One Eye rarely bothers with the "Who Me" series at all.

Anonymous said...

This is a universal phenomenon in homes and parks across America. We must not fear that Frenchie cuteness has taken over the world; indeed, it already has!

"Who left the toys--?!? Oh, hello my Sweetie. Yes, here's a little scratchy for your chin. Good boy!

(scritch, nose in palm of hand, wiggle of talio)

"Hmm, how'd those toys get on the floor? Best I'd put those back in the box! I'm already a little late for work; what's a few more minutes? Is it time for a treat my Sweetie?"

Anonymous said...

As one who has long labored without the proper instruction, the FP has made it clear to me what's been going on in my own household! Oh, what a pushover I've been! Completely beguiled by the C Factor!!! I fear I will never recover -- I hope I will never recover!