Tuesday, October 7

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

Would you look at this poor guy's skin? Doesn't it look hot and painful? Itchy! It's a bad case of demodex, and he's being treated for it, but gee whiz! owchie mamma! His name is Ollie and here is the note we received when he came to us last week:

"Ask you and you shall receive...info about Ollie. We picked him up yesterday afternoon. He was an owner surrender. He is about 11 months old and is full of Frenchie puppiness. My husband has taken to calling him the "mangy beast." He does have Demo mange, but does have some hair. He is a stinky little frog, but he's just so darn cute. He loves the other dogs, and the fact that they are about 40lbs. bigger than him, he could care less. He just gets on the couch to make up for their height advantage. He eats like a champ. As for the cats, he can't quite figure them out. It's a cross between being scared of them and thinking that they should play with him (they are his size, so how dare they not play : ) ). He is potty trained and goes to the door when he needs to go out. We are working on the crate training. He knows what it is, and actually slept most of the night, but he just hasn't learned to love it yet.

Other than his mange he does not seem to have any other health problems. I'll find out more when he goes to the vet later on this week. That's pretty much all we know about Ollie right now, he's still settling in."

Would you believe a cutie pie like this guy has received exactly zero sponsorships at the time of this writing? Nary a lonely one! You know times are hard when a boy as cute and needy as this has no one in his corner.

Well, no one but the volunteers of FBRN and
The Frog Princess

PS Did you know October is "Adopt a Dog" month? When you consider adopting your next dog, why not check out your local shelter first? Your ideal dog might be waiting for you in a shelter in your own home town!

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