Thursday, October 16

Who is THIS?

Guess who? Who is this beautiful red-haired vixen? She's very elegant and grown-up, isn't she? You'd hardly recognize her from her earliest photos.

This week, Roma is making her public debut at the French bulldog specialty in Kansas, where she's making friends and breaking hearts!

Here she is helping to make a sale at the FBRN table. Who do you think could resist that incentive?

Certainly not
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a beauty! I'm so glad that Roma is healthy and soon to be adopted by someone great. Someone who will hopefully continue to share lots of pictures. Good luck Roma girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How do they grow up so fast?? Wee little sweetheart Roma is a big girl now - and very pretty of course, which was predictable given her puppy good looks!

Anonymous said...

My sweet girl!! It's great to see you grow to be such a beautiful dog - great job, Debbie & Tim. I will love you always...