Sunday, October 12

Renne on the Road!

From time to time it is necessary to move one of our foster frogs from one region to another.

Maybe we are out of homes in one area, or maybe the foster dog needs something that only a home in a faraway place can offer. Last week, young Renne, a pretty little thing in our care, had to move from North to South in kind of a hurry. We put out a call for transportation, and what do you know, but one of our most active foster families was on vacation and planning to travel in the area and then down southward to a spot where they could meet Renne's foster family.

We think this is the first time one of our fosters has ever been transported in a Harley Davidson sidecar! Enjoy the photos and the captions from Renne's temporary foster mom:
Just starting out! Man, what a ride!

Here we are, sightseeing.

The bikers loved me!

It was really funny when Mommy fell down the hill and ripped her pants -- she was lucky she only scraped her knee!

I had a blast! they even let me play in the water under the bridge..

Frenchie kisses,


We asked whether Renne got to wear her own goggles and a helmet, but her foster mom said that when the dogs ride in the sidecar, they always like to curl up and go to sleep. The cover gets snapped on completely or a part is left open so mom can check in on them. Renne LOVED riding in the sidecar! She is a really-truly biker chick!

Here's a photo of Renne after she arrived in her final foster home.

She looks so happy! Maybe she's thinking there'll be another road trip coming up. She's a hog dog, all right, concludes

The Frog Princess

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