Friday, October 17

Princess Periwinkle Makes a Conquest

FBRN was delighted to take in three dogs from a breeder getting out of Frenchies in Canada. Princess Periwinkle is one of them, and this first photo was taken on the night she was picked up. Poor girl was very frightened.

But here are the happy reports we received this week from her foster mom: "So Princess Periwinkle has arrived! She is the funniest Frenchie I have ever seen! Her breathing is atrocious and she needs a bath and her ears cleaned and her nails cut! and to be spayed! LOL! Other than that she is perfect! She did a little happy dance after she peepee'd in the back yard! GOOD GIRL!

I am going to try and get her into the vet tomorrow. If all is well maybe we can get her nares done when she is spayed? Her breathing terrifies me!"

"Our little Peri is settling in nicely. I am getting used to her breathing and don't get up in the nite to make sure she is ok!! Out vet visit went ok; she was terrified, but had her first booster, and nails clipped, ears cleaned, etc.

She is getting the potty training and really just wants to please. She is great with other dogs and me but is really afraid of strangers. That will pass as she gets more confident! Her little wiggle and big smile is going to win the hearts of many!"

"Well she has chosen her new boyfriend and a good choice it is! STANIMAL!!! She is following him everywhere! so cute!"

We are so happy to see that Princess Peri is learning her way around her new apartments. And the consort she has chosen? Oh, my! Yes, the girl does have good taste, agrees

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Sweet Peri, so happy to see you have found love! We can't wait to see pics of after your first pedicure.

Be happy sweet girl!

KhrisW said...

Ahhh, love is in zee air. Hello, Princess Peri!