Wednesday, October 8

Merlot at Home

Merlot's new family sent an update to the volunteer who did their home visit. Though this family had applied before and not been selected, they kept at it and when the
perfect match came along, they were johnny-on-the-spot! Here's what Merlot's new life is like:

"Lolo is adapting sooo well to city life! She gets along great with every dog we see. She hasn't shown any signs of aggression yet, and her foster mom never once saw that behavior either (she has 6 Frenchies!), so who knows. She is so perfect, so we just figure it was her previous owner's loss and our gain! We love her more than anything and can't imagine why anyone would ever want to get rid of her.

LoLo loves the cool weather! She wants to run and play now that it's not hot. She's so cute! I really think she is so happy with us. She gets non-stop love and attention at all times! She curls up between [us] every evening when we're hanging out watching tv. She sleeps right in between us every night, too. She has started playing with stuffed animals (which I guess she never really did before). She thinks she's a retriever! We throw a stuffed animal from the living room into the back bedroom on the bed and she literally flies across the apartment and fetches the stuffie and races back to give it to us. She's hilarious! She always keeps us so entertained! Our lives must have been so dull and boring before her!"

Yup. Folks who live without Frenchies live in a black and white world. Sure, black and white has its charms, but just like when Dorothy opens the door to Oz, you really see what you've been missing when the Frenchie shows up and the Technicolor comes on! We're delighted to know that Merlot has fallen into her own wonderful dreamworld.

There's no place like home! agrees
The Frog Princess

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